10 things to keep in mind while moving to Goa for New Year Celebration

We all wants to celebrate New Year at a beautiful location to make it memorable. Many likes to go Abroad or many select domestic destinations in india like Shimla, Manali, Delhi, Jaisalmer, Goa, Munnar etc etc according to their choice & way of celebration. But Goa secure a safe place in that list. Everyone wants to celebrate New Year in Goa at least once in their life due to the weather condition, Beach Parties , Blue Ocean , Good crowd, loud Music , Fireworks etc. For many of us its like a Dream because its the peak season for Goa & everything gets costly due to this. Flight charges almost double, Hotel charges almost triple , No reservation in trains and due to many other reasons.

Me at Anjuna Beach on 31st Dec 2016

So last year i got chance to celebrate new year in Goa. I really enjoyed every second of it & experience the good vibes. I also faced some difficulties at some points because i was not aware about some other situations to which i  have to face at over crowded beach area. I wasted money + time at some points to which i could save it if i know about it before.

At Anjuna Beach

So here i have listed some points to keep in mind while moving to Goa for New Year Celebration :-

  1. Never Park Your vehicle Near Beach : Yes, our thinking is like to park our vehicle as near as our destination is. But don’t dare to do it if you are going to celebrate the new year at beach. Because the whole beach area gets over crowded & after 12 the situation become worst. You vehicle also got damaged due to traffic jam & its also waste your a lot of time.  I advise to park your vehicle around 2-3 kms far from your destination on your way of returning.
  2. Never buy Alcohol from Beach Side Shops : Yes, you can buy alcohol from departmental stores on MRP . If the MRP price of a Beer bottle is 80/- then you won’t be able to get it in less than 200/- at beach side shops . I advise to carry a small bag & carry alcohol , glass & Snacks in it. The same thing is happened with smoking as well.
  3. Don’t Expect to Get A Taxi after 12 AM : Yes, If you are coming from Panjim or any other location via taxi then please hire this for round trip even if you have to pay double. The reason is you won’t get taxi after 12 AM due to high demand & less availability.
  4. Stay near Beach or Your Party Destination :   It’s because to save lots of your time & money to which you may waste into traveling or transfer from one place to another.
  5. Have your Dinner before landing at Disco or Beach : Yes, i was enjoying at beach with friends & at around 10:30 PM i thought to eat something but when i went to beach side market , i didn’t found anything satisfactory to eat. Luckily i got Vada Pao & Chips so i survived on it. Hope you understand what i want to say.
  6.  Never left Your Partner Alone : Yes, because as i told you , all beach area got over crowded at nights & if you are going for very first time then you or your partner must not be aware about locations nearby . Don’t depend on cell phones or calling as mobile network also got busy. So it’s better to select a landmark place in case if you get lost then both of you may reach at that landmark place.
  7. Never fall into Tout offers :  In the Season time, many touts got activated for making money by the name of party & disco passes. Don’t fall into their offers. There are many reputed Disco’s in Goa so select one & direct purchase tickets from their ticket window.
  8. Do Advance Booking For Stay & Travel : Yes, As i have mentioned many times & we all know that Goa is no.1 Party destination in India to celebrate New Year. So its better to plan early & book early at least 3-4 month before.
  9. Don’t Carry Backpack & Wear Shoes : Yes, you have to follow it in case you want to go in Disco/Club for party. They will not allow you if you are carrying a backpack or wear sleepers.
  10. Wear full Sleeves Clothes : Yes, if you are staying far away from beach then please keep in mind that after 12 AM night temperature got down & you may face cold conditions. I was in sleeveless clothes & shorts, i was also staying 30 Kms far & were on a bike. It was very hard time.

So all the above points based on my self experience . As i am not good in writing so please forgive me if i have made some grammar mistakes.

Please write down your reviews in comments & share it if you found this helpful. Enjoy some photos from Goa :-

Fun Loving People at Anjuna Beach

Some good moments at Anjuna Beach : Goa

1 Hour Before Sunset at Baga Beach : Goa

Half Hour Before Sunset at Baga Beach : Goa

5 Minutes before the last sunset of year 2016 at Baga Beach : Goa


Raman Kumar Khadria