Are you a tourist, a traveller or a backpacker?

Everyone wants to travel but everyone has responsibilities & their own priorities. Some people make excuses about money,however some about time.But the matter of fact is we can travel even after holding all of these responsibilities but we have to manage it. If its all about money , i have already written a a blog on the same subject based on my own experience. How i saved money & travel around the world
So there are various types of travellers in INDIA. In old days people used to go somewhere by walk only & there were so many saints or people who traveled through all over the world.
Nowadays,many people prefer to travel according to their likes & dislikes since the significance of travelling has reached new heights.Some travel once in a year just to calm down & rejuvenate themselves for another year. Some have passion for traveling & travel whenever they get time & some travel every month or every time they think only for traveling. These guys give their entire life to traveling , they don’t have any concerns about money, time or comfort level.They just want to travel,explore & like to meet new people & want to know about various culture etc. These type of creatures called BACKPACKERS.
If we look at the above points, we can notice that there are 3 types of people who travel according to their need & from my personal view point , i differentiate them in 3 categories ie.
A) Tourist   
B) Traveller
C) Backpacker
A) Tourist : Generally these types of people used to travel once or twice in a year according to their requirement like some go for honeymoon after marriage, some go to spend their holidays or children’s holiday, some travel to celebrate any good moments of life.
A tourist doesn’t research more about stay options or any other place ,just contact with a Travel Agent .Generally they look from 3 to 5 star accommodation. They want luxury in everything or want value for money. You can easily find these type of guys for complaining about these things at Reception of a hotel. I am not saying that complaining about a bad service is not good but want to express the feeling of a tourist here.Like if you ask a backpacker to live in an inn then i can say that he won’t complain anything about room as he has adjustment in his nature but a tourist can’t accept adjustment & why would he , if he travels once in a year & at even that time he is getting bad service.
B) Traveller : Basically these types of people are budget friendly. They are more into travelling as compare to tourists & always looking for holidays or best deals to go somewhere out. These type of people go for a holiday an average 4 to 6 times in a year & it may be 2 to 7 day longer.
A Traveller plans everything before moving out for a journey by collecting all information from internet like what to explore,how to go, famous cuisines.A Traveller looks for cheap & best option like 1 star to 3 star category hotels. He may book it online or by visiting the hotels for good deal. Their thinking is not like to stay anywhere but they need basic at least in every need. They don’t look for luxury. They can eat in an average restaurant to an average road side vendor. They may book their trip by any travel agent if they get some good deal in it. Most of the youngsters nowadays you find this category are students. A blogger , v-logger also falls in this category who loves to travel & let others know about it by publishing an article or on YouTube. They can travel into normal roadways bus to sleeper class of railway.
C) Backpacker : These are like Nomads. When a traveller used to travel every month & move out without any planning & ready to stay anywhere from Roadside camps to railway platform ,he falls into this category.Backpacker doesn’t look for luxury stay ,they need very basic accommodation like a shelter.Its not like that he/she wants to save money every time but he/she gets habitual of it. They always look for new locations , don’t bother about on season or off season & prefer to walk.
They can even do hitch hiking in case they don’t find any suitable & cheap option to go somewhere. They can eat anywhere & like to eat local food at road side vendors. A Backpacker go out from 10 to 15 times in a year. A traveller always keeps a smile on his face & never differentiate between a rich & a poor guy and called anyone with respect.
Not everyone is born a backpacker but its a transition phase from TOURIST TO TRAVELLERS & finally BACKPACKER. They learn traveling by traveling like tourists, implementing
it in practical life as travellers & finally recognized as backpackers when they learn to Help, to smile, to spread love with all, adjustment etc.
Money is required for travelling but its not like huge money , we can manage it. Time is also required but we have to manage it.
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