Thailand Visa On Arrival – Tips for Indian Passport holder

Thailand is a very beautiful country & have something for all type of travellers. From Stunning North to Scenic beaches of South, Party Streets from Center to Party Island in South East , Sky Diving to Scuba diving.

For Indian travelers,  when they are looking for a foreign destination very first time then Thailand is always will be on top of them due to Cheap Flights, Hotels,Clubs  & last but not least they would get advice easily if they want.If anybody from North INDIA looks for a travel package for 7 days then Thailand package always cheaper than Kerala (South INDIA) or any other destination in INDIA.

But as everybody know  ,if you are going in travel package then agent also earn commission & it always cost high. Actually to plan Thailand trip is as easy as you plan any other travel in India. Easy Visa Process make it so easy to visit this country.


Welcome in Thailand

So here i am sharing the details of Visa on Arrival Process to enter in Thailand for Indians. So first of all we need below documents handy while standing in the queue of Immigration of Thailand at the Airport :

  • Passport with Minimum 6 months validity
  • Your Boarding Pass
  • Your Confirmed Return Flight Ticket (Within 15 Days)
  • Arrival & Departure Card (Duly Filled)
  • Confirmed Hotel Reservation (At least for your first night)
  • Immigration Form
  • 2 Passport Size Pic (3.5 X 4.5 Cm)
  • Visa Fee 2000 THB in cash
  • Minimum 10000 THB PP to prove your financial means.

As in Visa on Arrival process ,  Thai immigration only gives tourist visa for 15 days only so you need to produce return ticket for within 15 days.

You will get Arrival & Departure card by your Airlines at the time of journey. At the Mid of your journey you will found a Air hostess asking for the requirement of Arrival/Departure card. Don’t forget to collect it. These are specifically 2 cards & you have to fill your basic information over that form like passport number, Address,Occupation , Birth date etc. At the time of immigration they will keep Arrival card & give you departure card back with a stamp & you have to produce it while returning back to the country.

You need a confirmed hotel reservation for your first night. You can use for this as you no need to pay for hotel booking on this site, you only pay when you arrived at hotel/hostel.

Immigration form you can collect from the counters near the Visa on Arrival Deptt. You have to fill your details, Hotel details with address & phone number, paste the passport size picture over it.

You need 2000 THB cash for visa on arrival, its must. If you don’t have then there are some currency exchange counters you can change from them but exchange commission rate is very high there.

Thailand immigration ask to carry 10000 THB per person or equivalent amount of money. At the counter they generally never ask for it but you have to be assure. So always carry some good amount of cash & you can also show them that you have credit & debit cards to withdraw the money.

Tips for Visa on Arrival:

  • You can download the immigration form online & fill it in advance OR you can just collect it from the counter and fill it while standing in queue. Generally what happens, when a flight landed there will be more than 50 people in queue & if you just standing at the counter & filling the form easily then you have to stand in queue at the end & it will take more time in whole process. In my last visit i wasted 2 hour just to stand in queue just because of i was too lazy & standing at form counter & filling the form easily without caring about the immigration queue.
  •  In INDIA , at the time of collecting boarding pass from the Airlines counter ,they always ask about, Do you have visa ? How much money you have right now? Just told them that you gonna take Visa on Arrival & you have 10000 THB in your bag. They just ask ,never demand to show.
  • Most of the people don’t know what type of document they need to provide & its like a wastage of time when immigration officer ask for the document one by one. Always handy these above described documents & handover to them altogether,
  • There is a separate queue if you could spend some little money for faster process of your Visa on Arrival. You can also go with them if it feels like queue is too long.

So overall its too easy to get Visa on Arrival. All you need is just to land there once 🙂 If you have any query feel free to ask in comments.